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Artist's rendering by Douglas J. Coleman, Architects and Associates, LLC
Artist's rendering by Douglas J. Coleman, Architects and Associates, LLC

Mt. Bethel Village is a custom designed residence specifically tailored to the needs of adults with autism, developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries.  Many of its design features are based on recommendations made in the 2009 report Opening Doors by The Urban Land Institute (ULI), the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) and the Arizona Board of Regents for and on behalf of Arizona State University. Among the major design recommendations which will be followed:

  • Safety and security above all
  • Clear layout to maximize familiarity
  • Clean, simple lines, eliminating visual clutter
  • Minimizing sensory overload by using familiar materials, muted colors, appropriate lighting and acoustics that reduce ambient noise as much as possible

Mt. Bethel Village will offer:

  • Safe, stimulating, structured lifestyle for moderate to high functioning adults with autism/Aspergers, developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injuries
  • Housing for 41 residents in their own apartments in "neighborhoods", based on needs
  • Superior support through highly trained staff
  • Gym, art, music, workshops, computer lab, vocational activities of daily living (ADL), gardening, photography, dance, yoga, world events discussions
  • Sports, video game room

Below are links to the architect's rendering of the finished project and the current floor plans. Click here for the latest on the construction. Click here to see a video of the groundbreaking in June, 2011.

Artist's conception
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Floor Plan, Basement
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Floor Plan, 1st Floor
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Floor Plan, 2nd Floor
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Construction update

April 17, 2012
April 17, 2012

Project financed by

Two River Community Bank

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