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The Mt. Bethel Day Program is designed to provide a day of productive, fun, self-directed activities for adults with autism, developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injuries, within the Mt. Bethel Village residence. Typically, a client will arrive by 9:30 AM and spend a day engaged in an array of fun, confidence-building activities including:


  • Dance, exercise, art, music, film, photography, yoga and sports

  • Assistance with activities of daily living (ADL's), habilitation skills, self-advocacy and social skills

  • Computer skills lab, video games

  • Money management

  • Media and current events


Each client will bring their own lunch. All activities are closely supervised by our highly trained staff. The Mt. Bethel Day Program will provide the support of a nurse and behavior specialist, but does not offer advanced medical supports.


Clients must be picked up each day by 3:00 PM.


Clients may visit the Mt. Bethel Day Program for as many days per week as is appropriate for that individual. There is no minimum requirement. Acceptance into the Mt. Bethel Day Program is contingent upon a favorable intake application conducted by admissions staff.


We are creating a unique residence for autistic and developmentally disabled adults in Warren Township, NJ. We have had many inquiries and families have asked how they can help make it more affordable. We have been working with various New Jersey State officials to secure self-directed funds to assist families.


If you are inclined, it would be helpful to receive a letter from you that requests this assistance. The letter should address some of the reasons we think the project deserves such support, including:

  •  Allows more families to take advantage of a superior setting for their loved one.
  • Creates a public/private partnership that helps both the State of New Jersey save money; and provides our families with the much-needed housing at a cost they can afford.
  • Helps meet the Governor’s goal of creating 600 housing units in two years.
  • Is superior to a group home setting that enables our adults to engage in a community with is safer with more services and support.

Any other thoughts you have are welcome.


So, if you wish to help get state aid for this worthwhile project, please help us with a letter in support. Send your letter to our Executive Director at the address below and we will forward them to the appropriate state officials. You may also send letters directly to your Assembly representative or State Senator. Thank you.


Carolann Garafola

Executive Director

Mt. Bethel Village

316 South Avenue

Fanwood, NJ 07023


Introduced in September, 2011, by Senator Robert M. Gordon (D-38th), the Innovative Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act seeks to widen the state's horizons in terms of providing needed living arrangements. Quoting from the introduction of the bill:


"Action must be taken to encourage the development and implementation of innovative services for persons with developmental disabilities, and the Legislature, consistent with the public policy of the State, must establish a mechanism to learn about development and implementation efforts as well as the obstacles which may arise from time to time and negatively affect the development and implementation of innovative services..."


Please write letters of support for S-3050 to  your State Senator.


Read or download S-3050


Dr. Nancy Gross Polow, Pres/CEO of Suburban Speech Center and Carolann Garafola, Executive Director of Mt. Bethel Village at the celebration of the 35th anniversary of this center, which primarily focuses on speech and language issues with children with autism and developmental disabilities, located at 748 Morris Turnpike, Short Hills, NJ.


Executive Director Carolann Garafola, husband Ralph and consultant Loretta Kaes, RN, at the World Conference on Disabilities in Atlantic City, NJ, September, 2011.
Executive Director Carolann Garafola, husband Ralph and consultant Loretta Kaes, RN, at the World Conference on Disabilities in Atlantic City, NJ, September, 2011.

Construction update

April 17, 2012
April 17, 2012

Project financed by

Two River Community Bank

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