The mission of Mt. Bethel Village is to enable moderately functional and more independent adults with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries the opportunity to further advance their skills, independence, purpose and self-esteem in a safe, comfortable and enjoyable setting.


What is Mt. Bethel Village?


Mt. Bethel Village is a unique concept for providing community based real-life supports to individuals who demonstrate the ability to live with a moderate to high degree of semi-independence. The model employs an assisted living approach pioneered by the senior provider community, but specifically tailored to address the unique learning and social support needs of its residents. The program provides extensive social skills training and counseling supports, higher-level life skills training, employment exposure and case management and health services. Staff support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Who is a Mt. Bethel resident?


Mt. Bethel serves high to moderately independent adults with Asperger's Syndrome, autism, developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries. Prior to acceptance, each prospective resident receives an extensive assessment to ensure a compatible integration of the individual's support needs with the support services provided by Mt. Bethel. Once accepted, the individual resides in an apartment in one of three communities. The individual and their family work closely with the Mt. Bethel team to develop a person-centered planning program to meet their needs and goals.


What is Mt. Bethel's vision?


Mt. Bethel Village is committed to a community where its residents enjoy:

  • Access to supports to promote a healthy, safe, satisfying and productive life.
  • Access to the highest quality services and individualized supports to enhance independence, self-esteem and community integration.
  • Active participation in making decisions that affect their lives.
  • A social network with people who are meaningful to them.
  • Active participation in the community.
  • Respect for their contributions to the community
  • Freedom from exploitation and obstacles that prevent them from living a life that is more independent.


What are Mt. Bethel's values?


Mt. Bethel Village advocates for:


  • Its residents to receive the respect, compassion, and dignity afforded all members of society.
  • The right of the resident to exercise self-determination and to make meaningful life choices.
  • Individualized, effective and efficiently operated services.
  • Recognition of lifespan needs of the individual and the flexibility and responsiveness to meet those challenges.
  • A collaboration of the individual, family, service provider and community as the best means to identify goals, barriers and solutions to achieve greater independence.
  • Community based recreational and social opportunities as integral and essential components to individual growth and quality of life.
  • Integrating the community into Mt. Bethel Village and into the lives of its residents.
  • Providing an aesthetically appealing facility, comprehensive supports and individual apartments to its residents.
  • Providing an accessible and welcoming home to the residents and members of the community.
  • Personal and system-wide improvements to advance and expand the range of specialized supports to meet the needs of all individuals with disabilities.

Construction update

April 17, 2012
April 17, 2012

Project financed by

Two River Community Bank

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